The end is near!

What a busy and fun year!  We did so many things together and grew so much not only academically but physically!  I always tell the kids that I know it is time for them to go when they are too big to all fit on the carpet together.  We are there now. Thank you for all your support this year from donating supplies needed to donating your time. Your students have all benefited from this!  They love it when parents are in the classroom, on field trips, or when they get to bring in a supply for their classmates.  It makes them so proud. Yearbooks:  If your student wants to bring their yearbook this week for more signatures, they can take them out on the playground during recesses or before/after school. Water Day:  Water day is a celebration for our students for making good choices throughout the year.  For my students who are continuing to clip down this week, they will be missing some of our water day activities. The students are aware that the choices they make will affect the rew

Odds and Ends and Important Dates!

As we are winding down the school year, please pay close attention to any emails from the office or our classroom.  We are sending out so much information about the last days of school, you don't want to miss out! We will continue to work on our sight words (number words 1-10) over the last two weeks. The reading race is over, but please still read to your student!  Our summer reading program information will be coming home next week.  Your student can read over the summer (to help avoid the summer slide) and log in their books read on our summer reading log.  For incoming 1st graders, your goal is to read 600 minutes (10 hours) over the break.  Turn that log in by the second day of school to Mrs. Friberg to be eligible for the special t-shirt reward and BBQ.  Mark your calendars: -No School Monday May 27th in honor of Memorial Day.  Enjoy your long weekend! -Spring Showcase Thursday, May 30th at 6:30pm.  Please arrive by 6:15pm.  We are singing and doing a fun dance this

Last week for the Reading Race!

This is the last week for reading race!  Final reading logs went home today and they need to be returned by Friday in order for me to see if your student will be going to lunch with Mr. Phillips in the next week.  New sight words today! Number words one through ten will be our focus for the next three weeks. I will be working on assessments over the next couple of weeks for the last report card that will be mailed out after school is out in June.  This final report card will reflect the kindergarten standards as to where your student should be by the end of kindergarten year.  It will also include a writing assessment and the reading level that your student is at.  Remember there is always a bit of "summer slide" so that level may dip a little bit as they enter first grade in the fall. One way to help keep their reading skills up this summer is to read with your student, and have them read to you as part of our summer reading program.  Enter books read and hours read on

Farm fun continues

Talking more about the farm this week and what things we see on the farm.  Our bean plants are still underground, so we are hoping to see green on Friday!  Our caterpillars have moved to the top of the container and are getting reading to make their chrysallis'.  Lots of living things in K! Sight words this week are the same: come, by, am, this, that.  We will assess for goodie box this Friday. Our reading race is winding down!  I will only be sending home reading logs over the next two weeks for students to qualify for lunch with Mr. Phillips. Scholastic Book Fair will be happening next week in the school conference room up by the office area. Mark your calendars:  Maker's Faire Thursday, May 23rd at 6:30pm (science night style in K).  Walk through and see what we did! No School Monday, May 27th (Memorial Day) Spring Showcase Performance Thursday, May 30th at 6:30pm at the State Theatre Water Day Wednesday, June 5th with K-4th grades.  Start looking to get water

Who lives on the farm?

We have started our new farm unit this week, talking about what kinds of things we find on the farm.  We have a student who will be bringing some chicks in on Friday to share with us, what fun!  Our caterpillars should be arriving this week as well, so we get to observe the life cycle up close. New sight words this week: come, by, am, this, that. American Ninja Warrior Challenge is on Wednesday.  If your student qualified, a signed permission slip and release must be returned to me by tomorrow in order for them to participate.  You will be responsible for providing transportation to and from Municipal Auditorium.  You will want to be sure they wear "play" or exercise clothes and tennis shoes. Scholastic Book Orders-last order of the year!  Stock up on those summer books for our summer reading program.  I will be placing the order this Friday. Mark your calendars: Makers Faire-Thursday, May 23rd 6:30pm (science experiments on display in our classroom) and inventions

Happy Monday!

We are continuing our insect study through the end of this week, since it is already going to be May!  This is a great time of year to talk about insects since they are starting to come out more.  That being said (GASP!), if you would like to capture a live insect or bring in one you found (not so alive) for your student to share this week, we would love to check them out.  I will return all insects home the same day.  The kids love to bring in creepy crawlers and talk about them. Sight word work continues with our set from last week (up, all, do, what, was) and we will assess for goodie box rewards. Reading groups continue at independent levels, and what growth is happening! You can see this in their writing too, as they are starting to become more confident in sounding out words (and attempting).  Sight word knowledge is also a confidence booster and helps make writing a bit faster at this age. The Ninja Warrior Challenge is over! If your student qualified to run the obstacle c

Happy Spring!

It finally feels like spring!  The warm weather is here and the kids are so excited to be outside.  Remember to send water bottles with your student during these warmer days so they have access to water in the classroom.  A disposable bottle is fine too, but please be sure to write their name on it so it won't get mixed up with others. New sight words this week:  up, all, do, what, was.  We will assess for goodie box next week. Writing:  Continuing on with our informative or "teaching" writing.  Our topic we have been working on is insects.  We have been working whole group on our topics and will be branching out by using our own ideas in the next week. Reading:  Reading groups are now individual based.  Students are getting a book to read on their own and then I am having them read to me one on one.  So within a group, everyone's level may be different depending on where they are at in their own reading.  Math:  Counting by 10's, 5's, and 1's to 1